Macadamia -
the queen of nuts

A lifelong dream that inspires

More than 20 years ago, Dorothy Wolf de Burt fulfilled her dream of owning her own farm. She bought the Granja San Joaquín pretty much in the centre of Paraguay.

The native American knew the nut business from her childhood days. After love took her to Paraguay, she wondered which nuts would thrive here. She discovered that the queen of nuts - the macadamia - harmonises wonderfully with the climatic conditions of the country. In extensive tests, she found the best and most robust varieties for South America. Today, these are lovingly grown by hand in the company's own nursery and sold to regional and national farmers.

Our own nut plantation yields an annual harvest of several tonnes of the best macadamias. These are processed locally.

Infected by the passion for these royal nuts, Torsten Ludwig and his family took over the farm in 2021. Together with Dorothy, they are now developing the farm further.

Our farm,
a gem on the edge of the world.

Natural. Sustainable. Genuine.

Mundo Macadamia's Granja San Joaquín is located quite in the centre of Paraguay in the Cordillera region.

The farm was once established as a research project for macadamia cultivation in Paraguay. Today, Mundo Macadamia is the supplier of excellent and high-yielding macadamia plants. From more than 30 varieties - especially originating from Hawaii, South Africa and Australia - we have selected the best varieties for Paraguay.

In our nursery, we only cultivate plants that are perfectly suited to the local microclimate. Over the year, we graft several thousand plants with offshoots of our "champions". This has already resulted in many nut plantations in Paraguay.

Besides the plant production, we also have our own nut plantation. Here we harvest several tons of the best macadamia nuts every year.


We stand for short distances and partners from "next door".


We use what nature has to offer.


We are partners at eye level.

It only thrives,
what is supplied with love.

Healthy & robust plants. Best nuts.


We have been involved in the cultivation and research of macadamia nuts since 1997 and currently offer 5 varieties for sale. 

Our way of working is slightly different from the usual procedure. We would be happy to explain to you exactly what the difference is:

Our trees are catalogued and "tracked" in detail. We keep a record of the production of each tree in our plantation. This allows us to identify the "champion" trees of each variety.  

In our nursery we graft the young plants exclusively with the offshoots of the "champions". These have the best genes. This gives our customers an excellent starting point for high yields of great nuts. The aim is to generate the highest possible productivity per hectare.
We prune the young plants so that they have a single "central tip" when they leave the nursery. This is crucial to prevent one tree from suddenly becoming "two trees". This could cause it to break in two in strong winds or under too much load.

On request, we can also supply the stems of the young plants with sun protection. For this purpose, the plants get a white coating that protects the still tender trunk from sunburn. Especially in the first summer, it helps the plants to develop robustly.

Most of our varieties let the fruits or nuts fall to the ground when they are ripe. This makes harvesting easier and saves a lot of time. Only our macadamia variety "Beaumont" - keeps the fruits on the tree until harvesting. This requires additional effort, but it is well worth it for connoisseurs.

We want our customers to be successful with their investment in macadamia and to enjoy these wonderful plants. For this reason, we offer comprehensive advice as well as technical support even after the purchase.

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